The Cialis-RX Inc. system incorporates innovative modular connections that allow easy building with sound beams from a comprehensive selection of beautiful wood types. All slash to precision to make sure an ideal fit in, which brings an additional component to traditional design post construction.

Self-Assembly structures are no longer limited to Glue Laminated (Glulam) timber. All of the flexibility, durability and ease of build are present with a SolidLox system, but without the need for intrusive extra works with, pin elements or reliance on only one kind of material.

Cialis-RX Inc. originated by The Metallic Co. Group in response to the increasing number of requests staying received for self-build timber framework structures (Garages, Carports, Balconies, etc..) that allowed for:

  • Greater flexibility found in spans between posts
  • Bright ground living area beneath Rooms in the Roof
  • Different timber types.